Your StreetMessenger outreach system is just few easy steps away.

Add Contacts

The StreetMessenger has an easy contact builder. Add your client’s cellphone numbers and any other identity details (or not) you’d like to your profile lists - and go!

Write Message

Choose one of two functions - a ‘global’ message which is broadcast to the community or the groups you’ve created. Then write your message. The StreetMessenger supports any language.


Click send to instantly deliver your message! And it is delivered from a system number so your own cellphone details remain private. It’s really that easy!

Connect. Now.

With the StreetMessenger, we believe strongly that amazing impact is possible. Everyone reads their texts. The messages arrive wherever they happen to be. Text messages can be forwarded to others in the community. The messages are scrollable and searchable so clients can refer back to the information. No more soggy notes at the bottom of a wet backpack. Alerts can be copied and pasted into translation apps for infinite reach. With one quick message you will ensure your outreach plans and reminders are done. Quick and Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions