Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I get with one credit?
A single credit allows you to deliver a single group message up to 160 characters.

2. What is a group message?
Group message is categorized as message you are sending to your personal database. The messages will use up your credits.

3. What is a community broadcast?
A community broadcast message is free of charge. The message will be sent to the selected community.

4. Who is the community broadcast message being delivered too?
Anyone who has opted-in to receive community broadcasted messages.

5. Why do I need to purchase a credit?
The funds go towards maintaining and updating the system. Some examples include adding new functions which can be used to better serve the community. Additionally, server upgrades and security are routinely required to keep the service functioning.

6. Who maintains the StreetMessenger system?
StreetMessenger system is a social enterprise of the Vancouver Community Network (VCN). VCN is a non-profit working toward digital inclusion and literacy in Vancouver, BC Canada. Situated in the Woodwards' Heritage Building, we host free wifi, cellphone charging stations, a free phone and barrier-free computer terminals with staff and volunteers ready to help navigate the tech. VCN offers free internet access, a call-in help desk, low (no) cost website design & development/hosting and tech support to any in need plus members, non-profit organizations and small business.